Can Am Maverick X3 Rear Billet Stiffener Plate

Made from solid block 6061 billet aluminum our X3 Stiffener Plate features beveled cut outs which provide strength without sacrificing some stylized features.
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We understand that the suspension of the X3 is what sets it appart in the UTV world.  However there are some key points that just don't seem to have the strength necesary to support the suspension BRP egineered.  One of them is the rear plate.  Can Am certainly put their time in coming up with a suspension that will set the market for years to come, yet along with a couple other points it is necessary to strengthen that rear plate.  We developed our stiffner plate in response to a demand for a stronger and better looking rear plate, one worthy of the rest of the X3.  

We knew the best plate to come up with needed to be machined from solid block aluminum.  We wanted to find the best combination of strength and style.  We didn't want to take so much out of the block that it looses some of its strength, but we didn't want it to look like you were strapping a brick onto the back either.  Thus we developed our signature design.  

What sets our Stiffener Plate appart from other billet plates on the market is our beveled cut outs.  Instead of featuring a straight 90 degree cut, our cut outs bevel into the cut out thus providing superior strength. A 90 degree angle produces severe weak points, a gradual angle does not.  We believe there is no stronger plate on the market.



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