Commander Stage 3 Lift Kit

Can Am Commander aftermarket lift kit system ( CLK ). Our new Stage 3 lift kit system adds 3 inches of ground clearence to your Commander.
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TurnKey UTV Can Am Commander lift kit system ( CLK ). Our new lift kit system is the most versatile and cost effective route available to increase your Commanders ride height. The CLK system allows you to only buy as much lift as you need and not more through our innovative stage system. The CLK is available in stages 1-3 allowing drivers to fine tune there Commanders ride height. The CLK system has been tested and proven not to damage the vehicles CV joints unlike bracket style lifts. The CLK system was not just designed to increase the vehicles ride height but to compensate for added accessory weight which lowers the ride height of the vehicle. Like all TurnKey UTV products the CLK system is proudly engineered, tested and manufactured in the U.S.A. using only the highest grade materials available. Our unique design allows the spacers to be stacked and locked into place which eliminates shifting of the spacer under operation of the vehicle. Each stage installed gives your Commander roughly a 1" lift. This kit comes complete to give your Commander 3 inches of lift.

Note: CLK kits are not compatible with X or Limited model Commanders. See our new Selectable Series Lift Kits for X & Limited model applications.


Ride Heights


  • Front: 11.5 inches
  • Rear: 10.5 inches

CLK Lift Kit Stage 3

  • Front: 14 inches
  • Rear: 14 inches


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